Sitemap - 2023 - Militant Wire

Islamic State Ramps Up Campaign Targeting the West: Analysis of Surge in Attacks, Plots, and Propaganda

Al-Qaeda in the Sahel Intensifies Propaganda Campaign Against Russia’s Wagner Group

Weapons and Vehicles Used by Houthi Militants in Hijacking of Galaxy Leader Vessel

Al-Qaeda’s Media War on Israel and the US Over Gaza Invasion

Islamic State East Asia Province Claims Attack in Southern Philippines, Aims to Retake Marawi

Islamic State Khurasan Promises to Escalate War Against China

Chinese Trucks Set Ablaze in Myanmar, Beijing's Campaign Against Cybercrime Produces Unforeseen Consequences

Gang Rule in Port-au-Prince

Security and Weapons Analysis: Hamas Wages Guerrilla War Against Israel

Security and Weapons Analysis: Islamic Resistance in Iraq Intensifies Drone and Rocket Attacks Against American Bases

Photos Show Russian Forces in Ukraine Using North Korean Artillery Shells

Islamic State Khurasan Promises to "Flood [China's] Streets with Blood"

Tajik Taliban Publishes Video Threatening Dushanbe after Attacks on Tajikistan

Israel–Hezbollah Tensions Threaten to Spill Over into Major Regional Conflict

Colt M4A1 and AR-15 Platform Rifles are Appearing in Europe: Some Possibly from Ukraine

Weapons Used by Hezbollah on the Lebanon-Israel Border Since Hamas' Attack

Weapons Used by Hezbollah During Military Exercise in Lebanon

Attack Analysis: Weapons of the Palestinian Militant Groups and Captured Israeli Materiel

PKK Militants Attack the Ministry of Internal Affairs Building in Turkey's (Türkiye's) Capital Ankara

Analysis of Attack and Weapons Captured from Gun Battles in Banjska, Northern Kosovo

A Look at Illegal Weapons Seized in Ukraine and Associated Threats

Deadly Ambush in Jalisco Pits Cartels, Authorities, and Community against Each Other

Weapons Analysis: Islamic State Groups Across Asia Pledge Allegiance to New Leader

Assessment and Weapons Analysis: African Islamic State Groups Pledge Allegiance to New Leader

Operations and Weapons Analysis: The Chechen Militant Threat to Russia's Border with Ukraine

The Russian Jihadists Fighting for Ukraine

Sweden and Denmark Face International Condemnation and Jihadist Threats Following Quran Desecrations

History and Weapons Analysis: Polish and German Neo-Nazi Militias Emerge Alongside Russian Volunteer Corps

Weapons Observed During France Protests

Weapons Analysis: Wagner Group's Mutiny in Russia

Malorussian Liberation Army: Ukrainian Anti-Kyiv Militia or Russian Psy-Op?

Senegal Protests: What’s at Stake

Censored Weapons Used by Pro-Ukrainian Russian Freedom Legion in Belgorod

The Russian Imperial Legion's Weapons Arsenal in Ukraine

Violent Clashes in Northern Kosovo Undermine Western-Brokered Peace Process

Analysis: Weapons Used and Captured by Al-Shabaab in Recent Raid on ATMIS Base in Somalia

Ecuador Confronts a Storm of Violence

MW Flashpoints: Mexico’s Multidimensional Drug War and its Threat to Growing US–Mexico Ties

Russian Anti-Kremlin Forces Attack Belgorod: Analysis and Weapons Examination

Russian Volunteer Corps Threatens Moscow Amid Surge in Cross-Border Ukrainian Attacks

Islamic State Khurasan Down but Not Out Under Increased Taliban CT and Spy Pressure

Arsenal of the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan

Mail Bombing: A Historical Overview of Patterns and Trends

Weapons of Republican Groups in Northern Ireland

Pakistan Faces Rising Jihadist Militancy

The Paraguayan People’s Army: South America’s Obscure, but Resilient, Insurgent Movement

Islamic State Khurasan Threatens Attacks on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

U.S. in Syria: Iran-Linked Militia Attacks and Anti-Islamic State Operations

Wagner Group's Libya Operations

Analysis of the Rocket Artillery Fired from Lebanon into Israel

Weapons Analysis: TTP Training and Attack on a Karachi Police Station

Wagner Group: Making Sense of Prigozhin's Alliances and Tensions with Russian MoD

Weapons of Russia's Eco-Fascist WPRS Militia Fighting in Ukraine

Guns (and Grenades) of the Greek Underground

ISWAP and Boko Haram Fighting Intensifies as Nigerian Forces Apply Pressure

Thailand’s Deep South Conflict: Current State of Peace Talks and the Islamist Insurgency

Maritime Security and Weapons Smuggling Near Yemen

Islamic State Khurasan Mocks US Hysteria Over Chinese Balloon, Threatens 9/11 Scale Attack

MW Flashpoints: The Gulf of Guinea - Growing Calm on the High Seas Amid a Worsening Crisis Onshore

Firepower Comparison: Artillery and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Used by Russia and Ukraine

Armed Revolution in Myanmar: Two Years On

Wagner is Reshaping the Narrative for African Engagement in the CAR

Weapons Used by the Russian Volunteer Corps

MW/TKD: Islamic State Khurasan (ISKP) Continues to Vilify Turkey’s Role in the Middle East and Afghanistan

The Autodefensas and Armed Criminal Groups of Chiapas, Mexico

Bosnia’s Republika Srpska Showcases New Military Hardware at Statehood Day Parade

Militant Groups Gain Greater Access to Soviet and NATO Weapons Smuggled from Afghanistan

Assessing Mali's Air Capabilities in the Counter-Insurgency Context

Top Philippine Communist Guerrilla Spokesman Tells Militant Wire US is Stoking Inter-Imperialist War with China

Islamic State Khurasan Declares Liberating Uyghurs "One of Our Greatest Objectives", Threatens Attacks on American, Russian, and Chinese Interests in Afghanistan

Violence Surges to New Levels in West Papua Conflict

US and Somali Armed Forces Put Pressure on Al-Shabaab and Islamic State

Wagner Group's ‘Best in Hell’ Movie: Trying to Fix a Broken Family?

Analysis: Islamic State Khurasan Releases New Detailed History of Uyghur Plight in China

Russia's BOAK Partisans Act to Undermine Moscow's War on Ukraine

JNIM Emir Exploits Anti-Islamic State Sentiments in Northern Mali

Islamic State West Africa's Vast Weapons Arsenal

Looking Back at the Bosnian Mujahideen

The 2023 Castrop-Rauxel Plot and Continued Threat of Chemical and Biological Terrorism

Al-Qaeda Branch Emir Makes Rare Appearance in Menaka, Mali: What This Means for Islamic State in the Sahel

In-Depth Analysis of Islamic State Iraq's Degradation, Operational Capabilities, and Weapons Arsenal

Islamic State Attack Targeting President Buhari Signals Mounting Security Problems in Nigeria

Wagner in Burkina Faso: Has France Lost Its Grip on the Sahel Region?

Weapons Analysis: Russia's Wagner Organization and Its Combined Arms Operations in Ukraine

Islamic State Khurasan Criticizes Taliban-China Relations, Alleges IEA Complicit in Suffering of Uyghur Muslims

MW Flashpoints: The Islamic State Insurgency in Mozambique and Its Threat to Global Commercial Interests

Islamic State Khurasan's International Target Strategy: Suicide Bombing Aimed at Taliban Foreign Ministry and Chinese Diplomats

MW Exclusive: Ethiopia Using Weapons Supplied by Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan

Key Cartel Leader's Arrest Spurs Chaos and Violence in Culiacán, Mexico

Analysis: The Deteriorating Security Situation in Mali

Detention of Former Serb Police Officer Brings Kosovo Back to the Brink

Significant Blow Dealt to Jalisco New Generation Cartel After Key Leader's Brother Arrested

Islamic State Khurasan Releases Bio of Reported Sri Lanka Attacker

Operations and Weapons Profile of Russia's Controversial Rusich Reconnaissance, Sabotage, and Assault Group