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Militant Wire is a media company focused on providing independent analysis of militant activity and armed conflict around the world. Our global network of researchers produces expert insight on issues of political street violence, terrorism, insurgency, organized crime, irregular warfare, and more.

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Lucas Webber is a researcher focused on geopolitics and violent non-state actors. He is an editor at Militant Wire and contributes to Eurasianet, Jamestown Foundation, and The Diplomat. Twitter: @LucasADWebber

Tom Lord is an analyst with nearly a decade of experience studying political violence in contemporary Europe and the Middle East. He has written for Jamestown Foundation and Modern Diplomacy and has been featured on multiple Popular Front podcast episodes. Twitter: @PotempkinBrain

War Noir is an analyst focused on small arms and light weapons used by modern militant groups. His research also covers illicit arms trade markets. Twitter: @War_Noir

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Lucas Webber 

Co-founder of militantwire.com; Written analysis: West Point CTC, Foreign Policy, Eurasianet, The Jamestown Foundation, The Diplomat, Hudson Institute, Nikkei Asia, UnHerd, CIMSEC, EMAN Network, and elsewhere; Twitter: @LucasADWebber

The WannabeWonk 

I research militant groups and political violence. Co-Founder and Editor of @MilitantWire. Personal Twitter: @PotempkinBrain Newsletter: thewannabewonk.substack.com

Guillermo Calderón López

International Security, geopolitics, Middle East and jihadism Twitter: @g_calderonlopez Instagram: g_calderonlopez

Riccardo Valle

Independent researcher focused on violent Islamism and militant actors across the Af-Pak region and Indian Subcontinent. Research Contributor for The Jamestown Foundation: https://jamestown.org/analyst/riccardo-valle/ . Twitter: @Valle_Riccardo_


freelancer video journalist and SOUTHCOM analyst @mzuppy


Independent researcher. Tracking militancy/ insurgency (since I was 16); with a special focus on Indian subcontinent & Central Asia. Interested in Geopolitics, National Security Issues and History.

Ayush Verma

Independent researcher, and a current MA student of International Relations at the University of Essex. Specialises in Security and Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies. Twitter: @vayush21

Tehzeeb Ul Hasnain

Independent researcher on jihadist landscape of Pak-Afghan region, writes in Pakistani newspaper

Michael A'Vant

Independent conflict research | currently focused on non-state actors in Myanmar.

War Noir 

🔎Independent Weapons researcher.🎥Documenting weapons in circulation and activites of Non-State Armed Groups from. 📥Contact: warnoir@protonmail.com

Scott Morgan

Independent Analyst based in Washington DC. I often write and tweet about Africa but also interested in Southeast Asia as well.


My favorite sambal is sambal rica rica, from Manado in Indonesia. And sticky rice is rice living its best life. Anyway, this will mostly be about security and politics in Southeast Asia. But random thoughts and aesthetics from time to time too.

Owenn Hernandez

Independent Conflict Researcher With A Focus on The Mexican Narco-Conflict.

Daniele Garofalo

Analyst and Researcher: Terrorism, Jihadism, Islamist Rebels, Armed Groups. Monitoring and Security Consultant

Laith Alkhouri

Laith Alkhouri is the founder and CEO of Intelonyx Intelligence Advisory, an intelligence consultancy. He also serves as an on-air intelligence analyst for MSNBC.

Tom Barlow-Brown

I'm a multimedia journalist focused on the UK, the Balkans and E. Europe. I studied photojournalism at the LCC and recently completed an MA at KCL in War Studies. I have been published in Balkan Insight, Vice the Week and elsewhere.

Ido Gadi Raz

Ido Gadi Raz is an Arabic and Middle East student at Bar Ilan University and a Contributing Writer at ITCT. His research focuses on Terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan and global trends in the Arab Media idoraz96@gmail.com

Cathal Ó Gabhann

Cathal Ó Gabhann (@AnOGabhannOg) is a former humanitarian aid worker, who spent 14 years interacting with armed insurgent groups throughout Asia, from Afghanistan to the Philippines.