Sitemap - 2022 - Militant Wire

Paris Attack on Kurdish Cultural Center Sparks Heated Protests, Clashes with Police

Al-Qaeda Says Al-Shabaab Set to Takeover Somalia, Compares to Taliban in Afghanistan, Believes US a "Paper Tiger" in Decline

Analysis: TTP’s Resurgence and Pakistan's Hindered Response

Islamic State Boasts Legacy of Battles in Fallujah and Lasting Psychological Impact on America; Pro-IS Media Targets Saudi Arabia Following Islamabad Embassy Threat Warning

Ghana's President Alleges Russian Wagner Group Now Operating in Burkina Faso

Islamic State Khurasan’s Al-Azaim Tajiki Criticizes IS Discrimination Against Tajik Women in Syrian Camps; Tajik Pro-IS Financing and Recruitment Network Revealed as Part of ISKP

Bomb Detonated in Bolivian Capital Outside Italian Embassy in Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchist

Weapons Used During Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's Assaults in Idlib and Aleppo

Turkistan Islamic Party Says Chinese Oppression Increasing in "Occupied" Xinjiang, Blames Government for Uyghurs Killed in Residential Building Fire, and Promises “Armed” Revenge

Islamic State Sahel Province Claims It Killed Over 100 Al-Qaeda Fighters in Mali; Pakistani Taliban Promotes Prominent Commander to Central Shura

ISKP Forms New Media Relationship with Pro-Islamic State At-Taqwa Outlet, Criticizes Qatar World Cup; An Analysis of At-Taqwa's Propaganda Operations

Weapons Analysis: PKK Fighters Gather for Group's 44th Anniversary

Greek Anarchists Claim Bomb Targeting Italian Diplomat in Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrade

Al-Shabaab Maintains Large-Scale Attack Capabilities Despite Somalia Military Offensive

Kabul Hotel Attack: Islamic State Khurasan Targets Chinese Nationals with Pistols, Grenades, and Explosives

Airstrike Targets Central African Republic Base and Russian Wagner Forces Amidst Tensions with Neighbouring Chad

Al-Shabaab Continues Anti-China Campaign, Publishes Report on Chinese Influence Expansion in East Africa

October Bratislava Terror Attack: Far Right Gunman was Deeply Immersed in Online Accelerationism

Gauging Branch Firepower: Islamic State Groups Across Asia Pledge Allegiance to New Leader

Alleged Links Between Rwanda and DRC Militant Group: Who Dictates the Next Steps?

The Life and Death of Asadullah al-Urgenchi: Islamic State Khurasan Eulogizes Influential Uzbek Ideologue

Gauging Branch Firepower: African Islamic State Groups Pledge Allegiance to New Leader

Protracted People’s War: The Evolution of Militant Groups in Northern Kurdistan

An Investigation into Rising Tajik Islamic State Groups Recruiting Central Asians to Fight in Afghanistan

Turkistan Islamic Party Renews Focus on Anti-China Jihad, Calls for Liberation of Homeland from “Chinese Invaders”

Weapons of the Iranian Black Market

A New Security Phase for the Islamic State Insurgency in Northern Mozambique

MW Monitoring: Islamic State Calls for “The Bleeding of Christians”; IS Celebrates History of Mozambique Branch; ISKP's Tajik Media Publishes Booklet Aiming to Recruit Taliban Fighters

Analysis: Possible Islamic State-Inspired Attack in Grozny Comes Amidst Surge in Anti-Russia Jihadist Propaganda

ISKP Propaganda Takes Aim at French Colonization of Africa

Multi-Agency Task Force Moves on Organized Crime Rings Across Balkans and Eastern Europe

Weapons of the Turkish Black Market

Moro Islamic Liberation Front Clashes with Philippine Military Spark Escalation Fears

Accelerationist Neo-Nazi Propaganda Group Releases New Documentary, "White Terror"

A Brief Analysis of the Istanbul Bomb Attack

How the Islamic State's Global Propaganda Machine Amplified and Exploited the Iran Shrine Attack

A Show of Force by Jaish ul-Adl: The Iranian Militant Group’s Greatest Yet

Tensions Rise Between DR Congo and Rwanda

A New Terrorist Group Emerges in Bangladesh

MW Monitoring: ISKP Deepens Collaboration with Halummu Translation Outlet; Pro-Islamic State Al-Saqri Foundation for Military Sciences Resurfaces

MW Weekly: Assassination Attempt on Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan; Al-Shabaab Bombings in Mogadishu; Islamic State Claims Killing Tens of Al-Qaeda Fighters in Mali

Anarcho-Communists Claim Explosive Sabotage of Russian Rails Connecting to Belarus

Competing Narratives: Communist Guerrillas Ambush Philippine Soldiers Reportedly Conducting Disaster Relief Operations

Analysis: Hizb ut-Tahrir Propaganda Exploits Hindutva Riots in Leicester, England

MW Monitoring: Islamic State Khurasan Province's Recent Anti-China Propaganda

Juanito Magbanua’s Final Interview: NPA Negros Island Spokesman Talks Past, Present, and Future of Philippines’ Communist Insurgency

Manufacturing the Revolution: Weapons and Explosives Craft-Produced by Myanmar's Anti-Junta Fighters

MW Weekly: Paraguayan Military Kills Marxist Guerrilla Leader; Islamic State Attacks Iranian Shrine; Al-Shabaab Besieges Hospital in Somalia

A Profile of Pro-Islamic State Group Halummu's Translation and Media Operations

Leader of Mexican Narco Cartel Makes Dubious Claims of Shootout with Rivals in Latest Video

Islamic State’s Khurasan Branch Continues Trend of Celebrating Tajik Martyrs: A Profile of Umar at-Tajiki

A Brief History of Halummu, the Islamic State-Aligned Translation and Propaganda Outlet

Turkistan Islamic Party Releases Rare English Propaganda Video About Chinese Crackdown on Uyghur Muslims

MW Weekly: Rebels Attack Djiboutian Military; Islamic State Pakistan Province Infighting; ISIS Financing Network Emerges Using USDT

MW Monitoring: Islamic State Propaganda Developments in South and Central Asia - Threats Against Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

Weapons Used by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan During Recent Operations in the Tribal Areas

ISKP Depends on Archive Sites, Social Media, and Messaging Applications to Spread Propaganda

Weaponry Used by Pro-Ukraine Belarusian Combatants Since Russia's Invasion

ISKP Video Criticizes Doha Agreement, Mocks Death of Zawahiri, Urges Al-Qaeda and Taliban Members to Join Islamic State

New Islamic State Khurasan Recruitment Channel Targets Tajiks

MW Weekly: Mexico Seizes Up-Armoured Truck from Cartel; US Conducts Raid and Airstrike Against Islamic State; SDF Seizes Massive ISIS Weapons Cache; 3D Printed Guns Recovered in Iceland Terrorism Bust

An Overview of the Africa-Frontex Intelligence Community

Islamic State Khurasan Sees US Decline from “Land of Free” to “Banana Republic”

The Islamic Translation Center: Al-Qaeda’s Media Force Multiplier

Baloch Separatists Attack Economic and Infrastructure Targets in Pakistan

MW Monitoring: Islamic State Propaganda Developments in South and Central Asia

Introducing Regularly Published Research and Analysis Exclusive to Paid Subscribers

Russian, Chinese, and Iranian Media Influence Efforts in Latin America

Weapons Analysis: Female Militants Attack Tece Police House in Mersin, Turkey

MW Weekly: Islamic State Attacks Russian Mercenaries in Mali; Pro-Wagner Group Channel Promotes Partisan Activity; Xi Announces SCO Counter-Terrorism Training Centre as IS Grows Hostile to China

Mexico's New Generation Jalisco Cartel Coordinates Chaos in Bid to Free Comrades

Islamic State Khurasan’s History of Targeting Diplomatic Missions

Al-Qaeda Critiques Northern Alliance's Legacy on 9/11 Anniversary

Jihadi Networks Fundraise for Islamic State Families in Syrian Camps Using Cryptocurrency and Russian Banks

Weapons of Al-Shabaab: An Analysis the Group's Arsenal from the "Sayid Muhammad Abdullah Hasan Military Training Camp"

A Look at the Nationalist Štajerska Garda Border Patrol Militia in Slovenia

Islamic State Khurasan Province Rolls Out ‘Al-Azaim Uzbek’ Propaganda Unit

MW Weekly: Islamic State Pakistan Raises Money Using QR Codes; ISKP Intensifies Uzbek Recruitment; Political Unrest in Indonesia

Benin Looks for External Security Support as Jihadist Threat Grows

US-Backed SDF Clash with Islamic State During Operations in Al-Hol Camp, Jihadists Retaliate by Executing 6 PKK Fighters

Azov Renews Recruitment Efforts, Misanthropic Division Promotes Campaign to Foreign Supporters

ISKP Bolsters Counter-Infiltration Efforts, Institutionalizes Warning System Under Al-Azaim

Islamic State's Mozambique Insurgency Rumbles on with Killing of Italian Missionary

Islamic State Boasts About Russian Embassy Suicide Bombing, Signals Further Attacks on International Targets

Uzbek Pro-ISKP Media Threatens China, Promises Attacks on Central Asia-China Pipelines

ISKP Celebrates Anniversary of Kabul Airport Attack Targeting US Forces

MW Weekly: ISKP Propaganda Targets India; US Special Forces Free Hostage in West Africa; Indonesian Soldiers Accused of Massacre; Assassination Attempt on VP of Argentina

ISKP Publishes Its Most Comprehensive Critique of China Yet, Threatens War with Beijing, and Sees Opportunity in “WW3”

Conflict Minerals and DRC Militant Violence

3D-Printed "FGC-9" Firearms Emerge on Black Market in Turkey

Al-Shabaab Criticizes Nairobi's Foreign Policy, Threatens Further Violence in Kenya

Weapons Used by Sadrist "Saraya Al-Salam" During the Clashes in Iraq

MW Weekly: Car Bombings Target Russian-Appointed Officials; Troubles in Thailand's Deep South; Islamic State Encourages IED Building; Gang Violence Surges in Haiti

A Militant Wire Exclusive Interview with Ukraine's Fighting Eco-Anarchists

Russian Wagner Group Mercenaries Fight Al-Qaeda Jihadists in Mali

New Videos Show Turkistan Islamic Party Operating Openly in Afghanistan

An Interview with Marco Valbuena of the Communist Party of the Philippines on Guerrilla War and Geopolitics

Deforestation in the Amazon Fuels Violence and Bolsters Criminal Organizations

The ‘Little Blue Men’: Understanding China’s Use of Maritime Militias

MW Weekly: ISKP Kills Leading Taliban Ideologue; Italian Anarchists Claim Parcel Bomb; Islamic State Frees Hundreds in Congo Prison Attack

The Islamic State Khurasan Threat to Turkmenistan and Its Interests in Afghanistan

Mali's Uncertain Future

Weapons Used by Palestinian Factions in the August 2022 Offensive

MW Weekly: IS Supporters Mock Zawahiri Killing; Tensions Simmer in Western Balkans; ISKP Bombs Shiites in Kabul; Deadly Clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh

Islamic State Khurasan Province Grows Increasingly Concerned About Spies and Infiltrators

What is Al-Qaeda’s Future? An Interview with Saleh al-Hamwi, Former Founding Leader of Al-Nusra Front

“We have the right to be independent…”: Exclusive Interview with the West Papua National Liberation Army

Islamic State Celebrates Mutual Destruction in Russia-Ukraine War

Assessing the Outcome of Pakistan's Support for Afghan Taliban

The Islamic State Khurasan Province Threat to Iran

New Islamic State Somalia Video Shows Group Lacks Weapons Capacity of More Powerful Al-Shabaab

Al-Shabaab Continues Anti-Turkey Campaign in Somalia with Rocket Attack Claim

MW Weekly: Uyghur Jihadists Active in Syria and Afghanistan; Tajikistan Repatriates Islamic State Families; Myanmar Government's First Executions since 1988

ISKP Criticizes Taliban's Acceptance of Foreign Aid in Expansive New Book

Taliban Delegation Heads to Uzbekistan, Draws Ire From Pro-Islamic State Group

MW Weekly: US Airstrike in Somalia; Greece-Turkey Tensions Flare; Jihadist Threat to Togo and Benin Rises

Islamic State Deems Taliban “Nullifiers of Islam”, Accuses Group of “Befriending” China, Russia, USA, Iran, and Others

The Islamic State Mozambique Threat to Tanzania's Border Security

MW Weekly: Protests Rage in Sri Lanka; Car Bombing in Russian-Held Ukraine; Islamic State Resurfaces in Yemen

'Recommendations to the Mujahidin': The Islamic State Promotes Doctrinal Series for Fighters and Supporters

ISKP’s Eid Message Calls for Attacks in South and Central Asia

An Analysis of the Homemade Weapon Used Against Former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

MW Weekly: Islamic State Nigeria Jailbreak; Russian Anarcho-Communists Sabotage Railway; Rockets Hit Uzbekistan

Militant Medicare: Al-Shabaab’s New Hospital

Islamic State Urges Supporters to Join Fight in Africa

ISKP Ups Status in Global IS Media Ecosystem, Boosts Relations with Translation and Archival Platform

Resurgent Militant Violence Exacerbates Rwanda-DRC Tensions

Islamic State in Afghanistan Bolsters Anti-India Campaign with Attack on Gurdwara Karta-E-Parwan

Islamic State Attack in Cameroon is Part of Greater Trend of Jihadi Violence Against Christians in Africa

From Drugs to Corruption: The Growing Presence of Chinese Organized Crime in Latin America

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

The Rise of the Islamic State-Aligned East Asia Knights Outlet

Islamic State in Afghanistan Promises Attacks on Chinese and Iranian Cities, Threatens Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

"A Good War Unit": New Popular Front Documentary Gives Inside Look at the Anti-Fascist Football Hooligans Defending Ukraine

The Fate of Peace Talks Between Pakistan and TTP

The Taliban of Thailand

Iran-Taliban Relations and Shia Hazara in Afghanistan

The Emerging Jihadist Threat to Togo

"Defensive war as an act of popular resistance...": Exclusive Interview with an Anarchist Fighter of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine

US State Department Removes Five Terrorist Organizations from FTO Blacklist

Islamic State East Asia: Down But Not Out

Anti-Authoritarian Collective of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces Releases New Manifesto

Islamic State-Supporting Tajik Media Outlet Turns Gaze From Middle East Toward Afghanistan

Why India Should Be More Concerned About Al Qaeda Amidst Violence in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Jihadist-Fueled Instability in Burkina Faso

3D Firearm Proliferation Among Latin American Criminal Organizations

The Pakistani Taliban’s Organizational Trajectory and Evolving Propaganda Narratives

The Islamic State Threat to Afghanistan and Its Neighbours

Mozambique's Islamic State Insurgency Rages On

Pakistan's Terrorism Landscape in the Wake of America's Afghanistan Withdrawal

Islamic State-Aligned Media Lambasts Uzbekistan Aid Provision to the Taliban

The State of Thailand's Deep South Insurgency

Al-Qaeda Branch in Mali Claims Kidnapping of Russian Wagner Group Fighter

HBDH Claims Deadly Bombing of Bus Transporting Prison Guards in Bursa, Turkey

Weaponry of the Georgian Combatants in Ukraine's Territorial Defence Forces Following the Invasion

Islamic State Hind Province Amalgamates Media Branches; Pro-IS East Asia Group Claims Bombing in Thailand

Bombing McDonalds: Why the Revolutionary Organization—17 November Attacked Three Big Symbols of U.S. Capitalism in 1998

I’lam Foundation for Translations Emerges as a Boon to Pro-Islamic State Media Ecosystem

The M23 Insurgency and Instability in East Congo

Latin American Foreign Fighters in Ukraine

So, You Want to Be a Privateer? You're Going to Need a License First!

Beersheba Attack Marks Wave of Violence Against Israelis as Ramadan Approaches

Katibat al Tawhid wal Jihad Responds to Being Designated as a Global Terrorist Organization

Russia Seeks to Expand its Influence in Latin America

Al-Shabaab Declares China an Enemy and Oppressor of Uyghurs as Beijing Provides Military Equipment to Somalia

Al-Shabaab Attacks Chinese National in Kenya while Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan Criticizes Beijing

Jihadists Around the World Pledge Allegiance as the Islamic State Names New Leader

Announcement of Islamic State's New Leader and Possible Implications

CODECO: The DRC’s Lesser-Known Insurgent Force Continues to Fight On

Islamic State Khurasan Province Reacts to Former Afghan IS Leader’s Surrender to the Taliban

Book Review - Road Warriors: Foreign Fighters in the Armies of Jihad

Ukrainian Anarchists Mobilize for Armed Defense, Draw Solidarity from Abroad as Russia Invades

Ukraine’s Ultra-Nationalist Azov Regiment Pledges to Fight to the Last Man Against Advancing Russian Forces in Mariupol

Islamic State in Afghanistan Publishes First Official English Language Book, Criticizes Taliban Relations with China, Russia, and America

Breakaway Movements of the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Western Canada

The Growth and Internationalization of Islamic State Khurasan Province’s Media Operations

South America's Jihadists: A Look at US-Designated Al-Qaeda Affiliate Networks in Brazil and the Tri-Border Area

Islamic State-Aligned ‘Al-Saqri Foundation for Military Sciences’ Launches New Incitement Campaign with Bomb-Making Manuals

The Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance and West Africa’s Hidden Conflict

Islamic State in Afghanistan Premiers New 'Voice of Khurasan' Magazine Series

Battleground Salonika: Political Violence Simmers in Greek Macedonia

The West Papua National Liberation Army and Separatist Militancy in Indonesia

Black Anarchists Publish Critique of 2020 Uprising and Call for "Revolutionary Violence"

Wagner Group and the Rising Influence of Russia’s Private Military Contractors in Africa

China, the Turkistan Islamic Party, and a Tale of Two Olympics

A Brief History of Al-Shabaab Attacks Against Chinese Interests in Kenya and Somalia

Weaponry of the Islamic State in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria

Islamic State Demonstrates Resiliency with Major Attacks in Syria and Iraq

Armed Clashes Rage Between Tatmadaw Forces and United Insurgent Groups in Myanmar's Karen State

Weapons Used and Captured by the PKK in 2021

Islamic State Khorasan Province Releases First Video of 2022: ‘O Lions of the Tribes!’

Cartel Violence Flares in Mexico's Zacatecas

The Al-Shabaab Threat to Kenya and US Regional Security Posture

Greece: Anarchists Greet 2022 with Molotovs and a Butane Bomb