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Excellent and each assertion is historically & legally correct, although the context could do with some explanation and I disagree with the final message for Indonesia and the world as it is our United Nations that needs to be addressed about this. Unfortunately there was a group of American businessmen (Standard Oil & the cold-war architect Robert Lovett) who had benefit since 1959 of geology surveys of West Papua's once vast gold, silver and copper deposits that had been illegally withheld from the Dutch & Papuan people who had granted the 1935 exploration license to explore the mineral assets; because of the illegality the American group wanted Indonesia to gain control and grant a favourable mining licensing for their company Freeport. The Republic of Indonesia from western Java already had a history of colonial conquest during the 1950s of the fifteen other states that had formed the United States of Indonesia during 1949, and had stated their desire in 1950 to also acquire West Papua, eastern Papua, northern Borneo and East Timor. But Indonesia did not have capacity for a successful military invasion of Papua (3500km east of Java), so Indonesia by March 1961 became very interested in an illegal proposal that friends of Freeport had been secretly proposing to the US government since May 1959; a proposal that an International or "United Nations trusteeship" of West Papua could be manipulated to deny instead of protect the people's sovereign right to independence. However the proposal was blocked in 1961 when John F Kennedy became President and would not authorise such action against a Pacific War Ally (West Papua), this is when the proposal for an illegal or "special United Trusteeship of West New Guinea" was proposed to Indonesian officials who liked it, six months later the UN Secretary General was killed in what now appears to have been assassination likely by U Thant, Indonesia and India working together (irrespective whether that appearance is correct, he was dead and Indonesia's buddy U Thant became the new UN Secretary General). India invaded Goa and before the Security Council could consider a US, UK, French motion denouncing the invasion, U Thant had filed an opposing motion by his Non-Align friends to celebrate India's invasion; though both motions failed it demonstrated the Non-Align bloc could now veto any Security Council motion, three days later Indonesia announced it was invading West Papua and although the West Papuans quickly began arresting the Indonesian invasion force the new UN Secretary General U Thant was asking members to help Indonesia get the Dutch to sign a special trusteeship agreement a.k.a. the 1962 'New York Agreement'.

Instead of giving 30+ days notice, on 19th September U Thant gave our governments two days notice that they would be receiving papers and were to authorise a General Assembly resolution authorising UN invasion & appointing of UN administrators in West Papua. With the Secretary General having control of the agenda of all Security Council and other UN meetings, our governments had little choice but to authorise the UN actions against West Papua (General Assembly resolution 1752).

Under international law, our Charter of the United Nations article 85(2) the UN issue of General Assembly resolution 1752 must be reported to the agenda of the UN Trusteeship Council so that the Council can begin making yearly UN reports about the colony that our governments had just invaded & subjugated. However, this has NEVER been done, the resolution & agreement have been mis-filed as 'treaty' instead of trusteeship documents ; and so for the past sixty years our UN has been illegally ignoring any theft, looting and murders against the colony we appointed Indonesia to administrate.

That was the legal reality sixty years ago and today; Indonesia has no entitlement to exploit Papuan resources for its own benefit, and our governments have a LEGAL duty to "promote" the "independence" of the colony we subjugated with UN troops (West Papua).

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Thanks for the interview. Regardless what one thinks about this para-military formation, the interview is worth reading and analysing.

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exactly what I need for my thesis. thanks, militantwire!

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exactly what i need for my thesis. thanks, militantwire!

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