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Apr 2, 2023Liked by The WannabeWonk

A few things of interest to me in this post I thought I would note:

The fifth image in the other small arms section has a (most likely) World War II surplus M1 Garand action, clearly taken out of its stock which sits next to it. Interestingly, the black stock at the bottom of the image is an American Archangel chassis – those were made for Remington 700 rifles and M1A / M14 rifles – but never M1 Garand‘s. Hard to imagine what it’s doing in that picture.

Another small note, the Molot AK in the picture right after that one is not a 556 AK, but rather one of their 7.62x54r or 30-06 offerings.

Some info / theories on how the MP5s and T56s got there would be interesting to me.

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